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The one toolkit
to make your product


Rubic is for

Let users swap
any of 15,500+ tokens
across 70+ blockchains
on your frontend
& any other
Web3 dApp
Customize and monetize the cross-chain UI & UX on your page
Extra RevenueEarn up to 50% of fees from cross-chain swaps
Fast & Easy
Become cross-chain
in the fastest time possible
Easy and fast:
Integration takes 10 minutes
Organic GrowthAttract more users
with cross-chain Web3 tech

Integrated by more than 130 Crypto Brands

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Why Trust Rubic?

is our priority
Security is ensured
via automated monitoring,
and transactions to a corrupted service
are switched off immediately.
imgimgSaves Time
& Money
Spend zero money
and 10 minutes to integrate
the Widget or 1 hour
for the simplest SDK installation
Dev Support
If needed, we will assist you
before, during, and after integration.
You can contact our support team 24/7
Rubic’s SDK guarantees a swap,
even if one of the integrated DEXs
or bridges runs out of liquidity
or stops operating

Earn Up To 50% Fees

Choose How To Set Up Your Fees!

  • Percentage of Every Transaction

    Pick any percentage from the total swap amount (e.g., 0.3%, 2.1%).
    Fees are distributed in the source token of the swap.

  • Fixed Amount (Default Fee Model)

    Fees are charged in the native coin of the source network.

  • Percentage + Fixed Amount

    Combine a chosen percentage with a fixed amount for maximum flexibility.

*So that you start earning fees, the Rubic team needs to whitelist the project's designated wallet addresses where the fees will be distributed.